Lift The Spirits, Awake The Senses & Heal Thyself

Handmade With No Petro

100% Whole, Natural & Fresh Ingredients

All Honey & Bees Wax Collected From Hives in
Faulkner & Perry County, Arkansas

Warning: May Contain Coconut and/or Soy (GMO Free), Natural Product Color (may vary)

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Currently Being Sold at the Following Locations:
The Green Corner Store
, Little Rock, AR
The Locals, Conway, AR

OUr Story

Killer Bee Wholy Healin’ Cream was conceived in 2012 out of a waste product (beeswax) from a small beekeeping operation at Arkansas’ Killer Tomato Farm located in Toadsuck, AR.

It actually started when Brian teamed up with the marketing mastro, Holly Fish. A lady of the first class, who knows skincare products and has been instrumental in developing the scents and marketing of such.

Since teaming up, they now offer 5 lotions, 2 soaps, a lip balm and the soon to be released, wascally wabbit lotion!


Is it good for the whole body?

Yes! The lotions are good for all parts! However, Tangelo Toes has a little menthol so go easy around the eyes if you choose to use it on the face!


Are the lotions really Healing?

Well we only use whole & natural ingredients! Many people believe essential oils used in the products do carry beneficial properties and report that the lotions work great retaining moisture feeling on the body.

What are people saying about the lotions?

"I no longer stress and can enjoy crazy cold winter days and the bliss of summer without feeling like the lizard lady! Thanks Killer Bee for the lasting effects of It's Rich B***h!" - Nina of Little Rock, AR

"This stuff is the schizznit and the Bees Knees!!" - Kris of Ohio

"This is really amazing stuff, I'm talking soooo good!!!" - Gay of Louisiana

The Way

Farmer/Beekeeper Brian Isaac knew something could be made with the wax scraped from the frames/hives after extracting the honey. After a little research it was learned how to process the wax into a clean, valuable resource that is a main ingredient in the lotions and lip balm. In addition to the wax and because of its awesome medicinal properties, the honey is also an ingredient in all products.

As a natural humectant, honey is super hydrating. 


Our products are made of 100% Whole, Natural & Fresh Ingredients

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honey and wax are a wholesome and all natural alternative to harsh chemical products

The Farm

Arkansas’ Killer Tomato Farm started in 2009 by Farmer Brian Isaac. The farm is located by the Arkansas River in Toad Suck, AR (Perry County). The first year we sold produce at the newly established Argenta Farmer’s Market located downtown North Little Rock, AR, which is still thriving! In 2010, 11 & 12 the farm sold its canned goods, produce, eggs and honey at Ristorante Capeo and to various folks.

Every year 75% of the tomatoes grown are various types/sizes of the cherry variety. I pick them green and pickle them with jalapenos, garlic and dill, market them as “Tomolives” and sell them by the quart. In addition, I sell pickled “Killer Okra” by the quart. Of course everything in the jar produce wise is grown on the farm. I can all canned goods in a commercial kitchen at Ristorante Capeo located at 425 Main Street, NLR, AR.

In 2012 it moved about half-mile up the road to a 1 acre tract located at 38 Fox Lane, Bigelow, AR. The farm is still a one-man operation but now home to a tractor, small orchard (apples, pears, plums, figs, grapes & berries), chickens, bees and is all solar-powered! In 2012, Beekeeper Brian Isaac, along with Holly Fish, added a natural skincare line of products made with beeswax and honey collected from the hives. These products have been well received by the public, hence this website! We also sell this line of products at The Green Corner Store in Little Rock, AR and the newly established The Locals in Conway, AR.

In 2013 we started selling at the Bernice Gardens Farmer’s Market located on South Main in Little Rock, AR. In addition to selling at/to Ristorante Capeo in North Little Rock, AR. We sell everything at The Locals that opened in December 2013 in historic downtown Conway, AR!

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GROWING PRACTICES: Growing practices include not using any chemical fertilizers, pesti..insecti..or herbicides. I make all my fertilizer with ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, oyster shell powder, fish bone meal, etc. I use neem oil & pyrethrum sprays and diatomaceous earth for the critters along with homemade insecticidal soaps. For disease I practice crop rotation, spray EM1, amend the soil with compost (where needed) and plant cover crops of elbon rye, hairy and chickling vetch, oats, Austrian winter peas & clover. I always keep the plants watered properly and use mulch of straw and pine needles.
SEASONAL PRODUCE: The seasonal produce grown on the farm include kale, spinach, turnips, collards, garlic, sugar snap peas, herbs, green beans, purple hull peas, crowder peas, lady cream "zipper" peas, okra, yellow and white potatoes, red and yellow onions, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, sugar baby watermelons, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, pumpkins. In addition to the produce I extract and sell raw honey and some lovely eggs. In the future I plan on adding apples, plums, pears, figs, blackberry, raspberry grapes and hops!

TESTIMONIALS: “Those tomatoes were the best we’ve had all year. They were so tasty.” - Kathy

“That honey is awesome.” - Glenda

“I’m loving all this farm fresh produce!! The eggs really are wonderful… I have a friend who calls them “lovely eggs”. Thanks again” - Sue

“Thanks for sharing with us and will definitely want some of the blooming stuff.” – Linda

OUr BEE products are all natural and the WAX &honey is gathered right off our farm near conway, arkansas


Like to know more about our products? Interested in selling Killer bee in your store? Give us a shout.

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